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Thursday, January 4, 2007

What'cha Been Up To?

Up to no good!!! Ha!! Not really--I've been takin' care of bid'ness!!! I've actually been really productive here in the last 10 days! Here's where you get to find out the meaning of my blog's subtitle! It's the whole "If you give a mouse a cookie" (he's gonna want a glass of milk) theory....Surely you've read this book (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff) to your little ones! It starts out with a small gesture and it snowballs into a big ordeal!! It really is the story of my life--and not always a bad thing!! So here is the latest chapter:
So for Christmas, my dear husband got me a cuttlebug, and my sister got me all this neat organizational stuff for embellishments and ribbon!!! yay!!! Well, I didn't have a place to put it all and it be accessible. (if you give a mouse a cookie) My wonderful mommy gave me some holiday cash and so did my sweet mother-in-law. yay!! SO, since I needed a re-do of my craft room (my craft room is our bedroom; we just happen to sleep in here!) to accomodate the "bug" and my other new do-das, and I had some extra money, I went and got some of those cool storage cubes so that I could put them on my folding table and run a shelf across them for extra space (he's gonna want a glass of milk). SO, since I did that, I thought it needed to be more dressed up, rather than just a folding table. So then, I went to Walmart and found that all their fabric was 50% off--paid 3 bucks for 6 yards--(in case you have not heard, at least in my area, Walmart is phasing out their fabric and sewing section) and I made a cute box-pleated table skirt and attached it to the table with sticky velcro all in one afternoon! (if you give him a glass of milk, he's gonna want a straw! Get the picture? Let me know if you can relate!)

So all in all, I wasn't real sure I liked the skirt at first, but it's growing on me. I wish I made it a tad shorter. It does the job--if I ever need to store stuff, it will be hidden under the table. I think my "craft room" looks pretty cool! The "create" sign was a gift from my friend Sheila! I love it! That has a whole other "if you give a mouse a cookie" story to go with it, too! I'm telling you, that's my life! See my cute green cuttlebug? And my cool cool ribbon dispensers? I also picked up that big cracker jar from Walmart to hold all my extra ribbon that is not on spools so that I can see what I have and actually use it. Ha! That's my cute neice, Lillian there in the picture. My sewing machine fits nicely in between the cubes and you can't see it too well, but I have an Elfa storage drawer system to the far right and it holds all my stamps. I am quickly growing out of my space, however, already. So on it goes, now I would really like more of the cubes to create a desk/storage unit to replace the table and skirt! birthday is the end of this month! But now that it's clean and neat, I am afraid to use it and get it dirtied up! I am sure I'll get over it! Well, off to bed...I know, it's not 1 a.m. yet, but I'm calling it an early night. I've got more mice to feed cookies to tomorrow!


  1. O, WOW!! Congrats on your organized space!! Feels good, huh? You're sooo funny, and soo right about the whole mouse, cookie and MILK thing! :0) You did a great job on that curtain...nicely hides all the goodies. I need a bigger house so I can have a whole room just for stamping!!

  2. Love getting all organized, makes ya feel good! Where did you get those ribbon storage containers. Those are too neat!

  3. Your space looks fantastic! Would love to find some ribbon organizers like yours. Would you mind sharing your source?


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