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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Nancy's Gifts

Well, I promised (how long ago?) that I would post some of my creations that I made for my sister for Christmas. So here they are! When I asked Nancy what she wanted, she just said anything handmade by you. awwwww!!! (I actually wanted to make a macaroni necklace and pretend that was what I made for her, but time ran away from me!) The journal turned out really cool! I took it apart to work with it more easily. I covered it with paper inside and out--front and back, painted the edges, added the rub-ons swirly things and then Mod Podged it. The chipboard letter and tag are really faux chipboard! I cut them out of a garbage bag box!! Hey, I had to cut corners this year!! The little clips I made and put on the side with ribbon tied onto them to act as bookmarks were very fun. They are the Making Memories Cheeky Clips! I loved the name of them--that's why I got them and then they were perfect for these projects!
The other things I made was a decoupaged frame from Michael's that I had done for her back in October and put a picture of her and her man, Michael, in it. (I covertly asked him for the pictures back in October, too, so that they would be surprised! I am so sneaky!) I also made these cute little refrigerator magnets inspired by Chantel on SCS that were the biggest hit of all! I knew the moment I saw them, that I HAD to make some!

The little magnets were some of the funnest (that IS a word in MY dictionary!) things I have ever made and super super easy!! They are actually the hard plastic baseball card holders. You just make a tiny scrapbook "page" to slide into it and put a magnet on the back! And once again, I had to use my Cheeky Clips! It was fun making them and seeing what all would actually fit on them and figuring out how to embellish them, but keeping them nice and flat! Hence the sewing and flat heart brad! Nancy loved everything she got from me and it made her actually cry!! Isn't she beautiful, too? The pictures are of her and Michael and her kids, Carly and Carson. It was funny to watch, as each thing she opened made her cry even more! Why? I couldn't tell ya! That's just in our family's blood. My mom cries when someone wins a car on the Price is Right!!! I actually cried tears of joy over that Boise State bowl game the other night (crying over a football game, I must say was a first for me, however. I usually don't pay that much attention to football games). They were the underdogs and they won the game in the last minute of overtime! Then as they were interviewing the star player on the team (who is dating the head cheerleader, of course) he turned to her and proposed!!!! And the bawlfest began!
Well, I think that shall be all for now...I wanted to say more (of course), but I am getting tired and need to go to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow, as I plan on posting what all kept me busy after the holidays. Exciting stuff, exciting stuff. Night night.


  1. WooHoo!! YOu go girl! These are AMAZINGLY beautiful items you've created, and I'm so sure the recipients will flip out! Thanks for sharing with us :0)

  2. Very cool magnets! I really like them ALOT!!!


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