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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My New Favorite Thing!

Ok, sorry to have kept you hanging and in suspense about my new favorite thing, but some laundry and cleaning duties got in the way. I hate it when that happens! So here is the scoop--If you use digital photos, you have got to look into getting Memory Manager! This is the BEST digital photo storage/editing/journaling software EVER!! It's put out by Creative Memories and you can only get it through a consultant. Convenient for you, I happen to have one as a best friend (and no, she did not ask me/pay me to plug her stuff on here; I asked HER if it was ok!) Her website can be found through the link on the right and you can order it directly from her for only $40! I have had the software installed on my computer for quite a while and kept thinking about moving all my pictures that were stored on my hard drive over to it and what a task that was going to be. I kid you not, almost 500 pictures were moved, titled and journaled in about 1 day! I cannot begin to tell you all the cool things this software does. Did you happen to notice how clear and radiant my last photo was of that Thank You card? I didn't just happen to take an awesome photo--I enhanced it with the color editing in Memory Manager to make it just POP! I gave all my photos titles and it even lets you "journal" or make notes about the pictures as well, so you don't forget why you took it in the first place! Then, as an added bonus, when you print the pictures and use the Creative Memories Photo Center online, that journaling is printed on the back of the picture for you and they are in date order when shipped to your house! How awesome is that? It keeps them in date order within the software, too, and lets you sort them any way you want to configure your "photo boxes". So instead of them being under your bed with labels, they are all labeled for you on the computer! Sweet! Here are a few more of the features it has to offer straight from Sheila's website:

• Import images from a digital camera, scanner or existing files
• Store audio and video clips and all image data using Memory Vault™
• Spell check journaling before you print
• PrintTrack™ allows you to see printed and unprinted images with one click
• Image enhancement features such as color correction, red eye and cropping
• Album preview panel
• PicFolio™ Album layout options
• StoryBook Creator Software
• Automatic backup option
• Image share via e-mail

Organize, categorize, and personalize. From the creation of digital images to the completion of keepsake albums, this software is a one-of-a-kind tool specially created for the album-maker or anyone who uses digital images. Available only in English. PC-compatible only. View virtual tour.

Take the tour and see what a great thing this is!!! The fine print: As with any type of digital photo storage, please don't forget to back up your images on either an external drive or DVD's or CD's (my sister makes several copies and she's the technical genius in the family!). Just wanted to share what gets me fired up other than stamping/scrapping!!!

Also, I have been meaning to make a little comment about my Valentine card a few posts back. Several of you have emailed me/commented about how it does in the mail with that little clippie. I did put tape on the back of the envelope to make it stay closed and extra postage on it and have yet to get it back returned and damaged! The recipient received it with no problems that I know of. So there you have it! However, I probably could have put it in a padded envelope, but that would have meant going to the post office! My mailman is my neighbor and he takes pretty good care of us. He would have told me if it was going to be a problem anyway! Thanks for all the sweet comments. I know this was a while ago, but I could not find any other way to respond to some of ya'll!

Nothing new and creative to share tonight but, I WILL stamp TOMORROW if it hairlips the entire world (another mom-ism)!!! What does that mean?


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I have no CM gal in town but no one, but I didn't know what this was really. And since I order from CM photo center I need this right? Thanks for enabling!

  2. Hi Susan - i was one of the ones who asked about how you mail cards with the bulky embellishments; thanks for letting me know; its good to know. I have a pretty good relationship with our post-woman too so i suppose she'd let me know.

    thanks for sharing the CM info; i'll check that out (i have a CM rep I work with already).

    have a great day!!

  3. Hey susan! I have this software and I love it! It is so awesome! Anybody that doesn't have it should contact their CM consultant and get it! :)

  4. Hi, Susan, I just found your blog from a link on Kendra's site, I have really enjoyed your posts! Great work and beautiful cards!

  5. what a great idea! I had seen it via my CM gal but didn't get it.. thanks!
    hey, by the way- we are neighbors.. I am just down the way from you! :) I think you give the comp. stuff more credit than you think- your pic of that card is great- you found good lighting and went with it- sorry about your loss of your scrapbook- bummer


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