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Monday, January 8, 2007

The Mailbox Craze!!

Yes, I have jumped on that bandwagon!!! Those little Target Dollar Spot mailboxes just scream out to be embellished!!! But OH MY GOODNESS---the hunt for these was endless!! I live less than a block away from a Target, but NO, they were out, so then I was on a mission. At first I only wanted 3 or 4 to make for Lindsie's teacher and some friends. Then I sent my friend, Kim an email about them to show her how cute they were and she, without any hesitation, asked me how much I was charging for them!!!! So I came up with a price of 7.50 each and before I knew it, Kim had forwarded my email to all her contacts and I had orders for 15 of them before I had even been able to get my hands on any!! So, back to the hunt---I went to 4 different Targets in the area and decided it was a worthless cause and didn't go to the LAST possible one! Later, Kim called and said she was at the Target (I did not go to) and that they had a plethera of them!! OH MY!! I went a little crazy and had her get them all--like 25 of them!!! Yay!! So here is a picture of the first one I made. It's not as cute as the other 5 I did after this one (guess I had to get my MOJO going!). Sorry, I don't have pictures of them yet, but I will post as soon as I do--those darn camera batteries!!
So I have caught a bad cold (I'm taking my temperature as we speak), and I am just now feeling up to doing anything!!! I am going on my annual (ope--no fever!) scrapbooking retreat this weekend and I HAVE to be well!!! Just praising God that if I have to be sick that it's now and not next weekend!!! Hopefully, I'm on the upswing and will be good as new by Friday afternoon when we leave for Tyler!! I will try and post some other fun Valentine's cards tomorrow. Calling it a night....sus


  1. Hi Susan! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and my SCS gallery! I love your stuff as well!!! This mailbox is soooo cute....I have the mailbox bug too and had a hard time finding them as well - a sweet person from SCS sent me a bunch of hers, now I just have to get started on them. I added your blog link. ttyl :)

  2. Hi Susie!! I've seen these on SCS and I too would LOVE to jump on the bandwagon!! :o)hehehe. BUT...I have a dumb question!! What is the "target dollar spot"??? Is this the name of a dollar store where everything is a dollar? Or, is it at the Big RED Target Store, and they have a spot in their store called the dollar spot? I'm clueless!! We are a small town and we do have a dollar tree, but they have nothing this cute!! And our closest Target store is an hour away. But I would make the trip if I knew they had some. wouldn't think they'd be that hard to find!! :) Thanks!!


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