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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm So Excited!!!

I feel like that commercial about the family that's headed to DisneyWorld the next day and the little boy, in the cutest little voice is telling his sister, 'I'm too excited to sleep'!! Well, I am too excited to sleep, too!! I am going on my annual trip to Pine Cove for a scrapbooking weekend retreat!! YAY!!! We leave tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. It's THE BEST place because you are just pampered and catered to all weekend long and it's beautiful there. In Tyler, Texas--home of the Tyler Roses!! I am ready, too!! I have about 600 pictures sorted and organized in my Mini PowerSort from Creative Memories. They are cropped and in date order, so all I have to do is put them in our Family album! Maybe I will try to take some pictures of a few layouts when I get back, too. I have so much to show you, but I can't until I get back, as some of it is a surprise and another thing is a card I sent to someone who may be reading this!! (to that someone--you should get it tomorrow or Saturday!) I also want to tell ya'll about my latest "favorite thing"!! Stay tuned!!! So needless to say, this will be my last post until at least Sunday night, depending on how tired I am (we usually stay up pretty late each night)!!
However, before I leave ya'll, here are a couple more goodies I thought I would share. More mailboxes!!! These are some of the other ones I made after that first one I showed you the other day. I think they got a little better, the more I made!

All the various papers I picked up at Hobby Lobby for half price!!! I think my favorite one is the first one. I just fell in love with that paper!! It's by k.i. memories. S.e.i. has a very cute line, too!! Check them out! Well, I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I will be talkin' to ya soon!! Miss me!!!


  1. Have fun at Pine Cove! Sounds like a blast! My daughter's best friend goes there every year for camp. Those mailboxes are ADORABLE! I have that paper too! I guess I am just hoarding mine b/c I haven't gotten them out to play yet. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Oh, those mailboxes are waaay cute!! These looks like such fun to decorate, not to mention FAST! :) Well, I have not been scrapbooking in sooo long! You lucky duck, getting away to scrap! You go girl...have a great time. Can't wait to see what you'll do there. Be sure to post pics when you return :0)

  3. Too darn cute! I never can find the goodies at Target! I must live by lots of stampers & scrappers. TFS they are darling. Love your blog.


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