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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Death of a CM Album Cover

Tragedy struck today at my house and it's all this poor little innocent card's fault (blaming it on the card here for poetic license only--stay with me, here!). Yes--I always take my pictures on this little brick column we have on our front porch. The lighting is always pretty good there. Well this morning was a little grey outside, so I decided I needed to turn the card in the other direction for better light. Well, when I did that, it made the background our front window. In an effort to fix that issue, I thought, 'I need a backdrop'. This sounds an awful lot like a "if you give a mouse a cookie" story, doesn't it!? So I ran in (it's 27 degrees here) and grabbed my coveted family Creative Memories album that I have JUST been working on at Pine Cove and thought, 'Voila'!! Perfect!! It even matched!!! Took the picture--see it there in the background? And then as if it were in slow-motion, it fell to the ground. (I think the card pushed it off!) On it's way, it caught the side of the bricks and tore a hole in the album cover, scraped the front of it and dented the spine!!!!! aacckkkk!!! It's dead. It's done for. It's totally noticeable. It was one of those things that even as I put it up there for the picture, I knew was a bad idea and that ' could fall'. Ugh. Makes me really want one of those Photo Studio in a box thingys. Sooo, luckily CM is a great company and will probably replace it for free, even though it was my fault. Just hoping they have more in that color, as it's been discontinued. Which reminds me---I forgot to feature one of my newest "favorite things" like I had promised a few days back. I will do that soon. As a matter of fact, I used it for this picture!! Can you guess what it is? I guess as far as the card goes and all it's little details, you can pick up on them in my gallery on SCS here! Thanks for your sympathies. I am still mourning my loss. teehee. It's not that bad, just started my day off on the wrong foot!!! Tomorrow will be better. Lesson learned--no more precious objects used for backdrops on card pictures!!!


  1. OMG Susan that totally sounds like something I would do!!!! So sorry that happened, I am sure they will replace it. :) That card is gorgeous btw

  2. OH NO!! I'm soo sorry for your loss...I HOPE they will replace it. gawsh...well, your card IS fabulous. And BTW...I guess I didn't explain it well, but I did NOT get a free folder with my was the only folder that THAT company (that I ordered cb from) had, so they came in the same box, LOL! No, they just like me better, hahaha SO, I had to find another company that had a bunch of ém in stock, and then I ordered those to find out a day later that they are ALL backordered :( hmpf! oh well...I'll try to wait patiently :o)


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