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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Card for a Change!

Imagine if you will a stamper's blog--however, she never has pictures of her cards, just ramblings of her life, her stamp room and general nonsense!! {Screams}!!!!huh!! So, just so you're not scared off and never come back to visit this place, here is a little card I made!!! It's for a friend who just had a colonoscopy. It came back clear of any scary findings. YAY!!! I printed the inside to say: 'is so glad you're ok!'. I just love it!!! I thought it would be fun to use that one dollar Michael's stamp a little differently! So now, I think I could cut just that cirle part out and use it for a lot of different cards. My heart--can't wait to meet yours (for a new baby), is saddened by your loss, is jumping for joy (congrats)--a lot of possibilities. If you have a Michael's near you, this is a good dollar investment!! My latest projects are still more of the mailboxes that I need to finish up, and then who knows what? I am going to try and follow a New Year's resolution that Amy Rysavy is doing. She has resolved to using up a lot of her older 12x12 printed papers in her cards and creations. I want to do the same. Then I can justify buying more stash!!! So stay tuned for upcoming cards with some of that old stuff laying around. Maybe you can play that game too--we can hold each other accountable for "cuttin' up" that paper we've been hoarding!!! Are you in?


  1. Super cute the embellishments.

  2. Susan - here's a question for you - so how do you mail this card with the binder clip on there? do you fold it down so it doesn't stick up? i always wonder this, with some cards that i see with the bigger/bulkier embellishments.... anyway - thanks for sharing - great cards today. gonna have to get myself to Michael's for some of those $1.00 stamps! i enjoy your blog.


  3. This is so cute that it ALMOST makes me want to go for a colonoscopy! HA! :) How about you send me one of these if I get the sniffles - k?? Seriously, I LOVE it!


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