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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Got a New Toy! (And Accessories, too!)

It all started when I ran out of Glue Dots......(if you give a mouse a cookie), so I HAD to make a trip to Recollections, our local scrapbook "boutique" (where imagine the coincidence-running into one of my bestest friends in there. She secretly admits it's her favorite hangout!). Then they didn't have the mini glue dots in stock, so I HAD to ask a clerk what would be best to adhere ribbon onto lunchbox tins. She told me all they ever use is this Xyron 150 Create-a-Sticker thingamabobby. So it accidently jumped into my shopping tote!!! For only $10--where have you been all my life! They even come in different colors! Mine is HOT pink and glittery! Anyway, got it home and tried it with some ribbon and it is "smooth like buttah"! It does exactly what a big Xyron does, but smaller--putting permanent adhesive on what ever you can fit through it's little mouth, as it's about an inch and a half wide. I can't believe I never looked at this before. I guess I thought, "create a sticker? don't need it!" Trust me, if you do papercrafting, you NEED it!!
Now, on to the "accessories". teehee!! Hobby Lobby was having a half-off sale on all their spools of ribbon! So I got these yummy flavors: American Crafts brown dotted with hot pink--so cute and I can't wait to use it for Valentine's Day; American Crafts in that salmon color (on the bottom)--it's not orange, not pink, not red, but lovely!; and the ever popular stitched but in khaki--never seen that combo before, but it's really cute! Oh did I forget one? Only my favorite out of the whole bunch!! HOT HOT PINK VELVET RIBBON TO DIE FOR--3 sweet yards of it!!! You will never guess where I found it---Old Navy!!!! Don't ask me why they would sell it there, maybe for Christmas packages? (Sorry fam, not getting any on your gifts, unless you promise to save it and give it back to me--uncrushed of course!)
Well I guess that's enough of me gushing about my new finds. Most of my friends know that's nothing new about me---I got really excited when Glad Press'N Seal came out and talked to all my friends about it and then the product of the day was the colored Saran Wrap with the sweet little cutter built into the box! Now I can share my product testimonials to countless masses through my new blog!!! Aren't ya'll glad?
Well, I may not post for a couple of days (don't be so sad), but I have to get some lunchbox tin orders finished by Friday. I will post pictures of them as soon as I'm done!!! Thanks for hanging out with me!

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  1. Oh, You LUCKY girl!! I absolutely LOVE velvet ribbon, and I did use what little I had on some of my lunchbox tins (gifts). I've never seen one of those xyron sticker dealies...mmmm, I might have to go hunting now!! Looks neat and I'm lovin' all your new ribbons. It's Christmas early!! :) hugs


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